Safety at sea

Safety at sea

Safety at sea

Today we experienced a small safety workshop to introduce ourselves into the cruise. We heard about different safety topics and
got the chance to test some lifesaving appliances. We had different types of life vests, and learned about their differences and activated them. Afterwards we talked about the rescue options at sea. A special topic was the life raft. For this, we had a model of a life raft to get know the mode of operation.

We also tasted the emergency provisions. Very interesting and not as bad as we thought. Furthermore it was very exciting to test the life vests as well to see how the life raft works. Moreover we discussed about the safety on board.

To sum up, it was an exciting and informative day. On board we will have another safety exercise and everyone is already very exited!


Seminar Sicherheit auf See - workshop safety at sea
Aufbau der Rettungsinsel - installation of a life raft
Modell einer Rettungsinsel - model of a life raft
Notproviant - emergency provision
Notfall Wasser - emergency drink
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